Yet Another Fluent Panda Update

Monday morning, I received this response from the makers of Fluent Panda:

Dear Tracy,

Thank you very much for your email. I’m sorry for only getting back to you now.

I’m just as disappointed as you are that Fluent Panda has been as delayed as it is.

Although I understand your concerns about LinguaLift being the beneficiary of Fluent Panda funds, the reality is that the flow of funds was the other way, and we invested at least as much money into Fluent Panda as we received from the Kickstarter from LinguaLift revenues in order to fulfil the project.

As I explained in an update early last year, the project was set back by problems that we had with the React platform, and a developer who underestimated its limitations, meaning a considerable amount of the funds was spent on computer code that we later discovered was unusable.

The Leaf project was our attempt to fulfil one aspect of the Kickstarter pledge in the meantime (English language), since it allowed us to get a small amount of additional funding for the project from another funding source.

I’ve taken what you have said seriously, and Philip and I will be back with an update to backers this month, when we have a better idea about what we can realistically deliver to backers and when.

Best wishes,


I guess we’ll see what they come up with, but I’m guessing the original scope is not something that can happen. They haven’t added this information as an update to the Kickstarter page, so they still need to work on their communication. Six months with no information is not a recipe for happy customers.

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