Story Grids and Scrivener Templates

I’ve been running through Shawn Coyne’s The Story Grid. If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it, and most of it’s available for free on his blog. It’s not necessarily the bible of writing, but it’s a useful tool for providing insight on what you should look at if your story isn’t quite working.

As I started creating a Story Grid spreadsheet for myself, I realized that I could very easily use the outline view in Scrivener as a Story Grid in itself. Since you can export the outline as a CSV file, it can easily be downloaded and printed, if I ever want a paper version to evaluate.

I’ve decided to share the Scrivener template I made here. I’ve also added a few other story tools, such as a section for the Six Core Competencies (described by Brooks) and a few other outlining tools, including the Hero’s Journey (both the original Campbell version and the condensed Vogler version often used in film), the Heroine’s Journey (I need a better version, as I’ve never liked this one and never use it), and a Nine Point Outline whose source I’m uncertain of.

In short, it contains more information than you need, but Scrivener is highly configurable and it’s trivial to delete what you don’t want. Feel free to make use of it, if you can.

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