Treasure Map

I’m not much for Facebook. I’m trying to increase my social media presence, at the very least as a marketing tool, but I also know that I’ll read inane things and not get anything done, so it’s a fine balance.  I generally try to avoid it most of the time.

I’m glad I gave in to temptation, though, because I found this gorgeous Map of Literature in a Buzz Feed article on my wall. (I know. It just showed up. Don’t judge me!)


Image via Buzz Feed

I love the style of it, and it shows relationships between genres. Here’s another image with a little more detail.


Image via Buzz Feed

I followed the internet rabbit hole to the site belonging to the map’s creator, a 17-year-old Slovakian artist named Martin Vargic. It turns out that he has a collection of maps that cover things like world stereotypes, the internet, and political borders in earlier periods. He also has a variety of other infographics available. I’m particularly fond of the exoplanets graphic. It’s a bit crowded, but it really illustrates how many planets we’ve found outside our solar system, and we’ve just started detecting them.

Many of Vargic’s graphics are available as prints. I don’t see the Map of Literature yet, but I am definitely watching for it to become available. It is, though, available as part of his book, Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps: Mapping the Modern World. I might pick that up as well, but I really need a full poster of the Map of Literature!

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