In with the New

Ah yes, new dictionary words. One of the things that make my inner prescriptivist and my inner descriptivist fight like kids squabbling over who got the bigger half of the cookie.

Some of these words, like gender-fluidnon-apology, and squee, remind me that the job of a dictionary isn’t so much to tell you how to use language, but to describe how people use them. And that language change is useful, beautiful, and necessary.

Some of them, though, like definotly, just make me wonder why they were necessary and how we can stop them. I generally tend not to like that part of me, but it’s really loud. And irritable. I’m not really a fan of breakfunch, either. I’d have gone with elevenses.

It’s amusing how I can have an entire argument all by myself.

In any case, I’m kind of liking belignorant. I’m pretty sure I know that guy.


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