Focusing on Literature in an Engineering City Isn’t Always Easy

The kids and I had a fun time at Rocket City Lit Fest in 2015. I hadn’t heard anything about it this year, so I checked their web site. It turns out there won’t be a Lit Fest this year, though they are discussing 2017. First, though, they are looking at a YA/New Adult event and are trying to gauge interest.


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Crowds weren’t huge last year, but it was the first year and there were some scheduling conflicts (another literary event in Nashville and an SEC football game – which is poison for any event in the area). With some additional marketing to build awareness and some more careful scheduling, it would attract a much larger crowd. My experience in the area is that many people here (especially young adults) are highly literate and creative with a wide variety of viewpoints and interests, and they enjoy meeting new like-minded people.

I hope they are able to put something together, both for the YA/New Adult event and a full festival. It’s a great local opportunity, and I know several authors here in Huntsville who would love the exposure and networking possibilities. There are a couple of local publishers who could do the same, and did last year. It’s also just a fun way to get attention for the growing arts culture in the area.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please share the link!

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