Biblioklept on “Hearing America as it Must Sound to a Non-American”

Biblioklept has an interesting post, particularly footnote three.

My mind translates this to an American accent rather than America, which is a bit different, as I feel that America also includes, as I hear it, a kind of cacophony of incredibly different sounds that somehow work together more or less in harmony (most of the time less, but sometimes very nearly consolidating into only two arguments – and even more rarely, working in unison).

The thought of the American accent, though, sent my thoughts to this bit by an Italian variety show. There isn’t a single English word in there, but I bet you’ll start hearing some. It’s an interesting (and extremely well done) experiment on what American English sounds like when you don’t understand the words, and on how we try to recognize patterns that aren’t actually there. It also tends to get stuck in your head, so consider yourself forewarned.

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