More New Languages at Duolingo

I got a new email from Duolingo a couple of days ago, announcing that they’ve released some new languages: Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, and Vietnamese.


Image via

Greek is marked as Web Only, which indicates that it’s in beta. Generally, I’ve found that the end of beta is marked by a release to the mobile application. They also say that they’ll offer Czech and Swahili soon – though based on my experience with Hungarian, soon is an extremely broad word.

I’ve already reviewed Hungarian, and you can read my post to learn about the issues I’ve found. They are still there now that the language has been released from beta, and I hope they continue to improve the course, but I still find it very useful in conjunction with other learning methods. I would expect to find similar issues with any new language, especially those that are often more difficult for English speakers to learn than, say, the Romance or Germanic languages that share more grammatical similarity. Unfortunately, I don’t speak any of the other languages well enough to review them past the basic lessons, so I will have to rely on the experiences of others.

In other news, I’m about a week or two away from taking the STC Certified Professional Technical Communicator certification. I’ll post a review of the process when I’ve completed it.

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