And I Do Love It!

I always love seeing how other languages have created words. German, of course, is known for its compounding, but I tend to think more about how we come up with words and how they illustrate different connotations.

Up to this point, my favorite was szemüveg (also Hungarian), which means eyeglasses, but translates more literally to eye-bottles.  I think we may have a new winner here, though, provided by daily magyar.

kukac [ˈkukɑts] – worm; maggot giliszta [ˈgilistɑ] – worm; earthworm (lives in the ground) hernyó [ˈhɛrɲoː] – caterpillar; worm; grub pondró [ˈpondroː] – worm (lives in plants, roots, bad/rotten food or dead body) nyű [ˈɲyː] – worm; maggot (lives in bad/rotten plants, meat or food) féreg [ˈfeːrɛɡ] – worm; maggot (lives in animals, people […]

via kukac — daily magyar

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