Back from Outer Space

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, and I’ve missed it.  I’ve had a lot going on in a lot of realms of my life, but I’m back anyway. I just need to write!


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Since it’s been a while, I thought I’d look back at last year and update a few of the things I talked about. Let’s start with product reviews I’d hoped to give you last year.

First, Duolingo STILL has me waiting on their Hungarian program. I’ve seen it at 96% recently and at 99% either late last year or early this year, but now it’s dropped back to 94% and gives a completion date of June 4th.  Completion dates don’t tell me much, though, since they change daily.  I don’t necessarily blame Duolingo, as it’s a very difficult language, but I’m still disappointed.

Likewise, I’m still waiting for my Fluent Panda app. The people at LinguaLift email me occasionally with updates. They did redesign and streamline the learning process on the LinguaLift site, which is great, but unfortunately they also updated their prices. A subscription now costs a painful $99 per month or $950 a year. Scratch that one off my list.

I also have quite a lot going on personally. We are wrapping up our most recent production, Sherlock Holmes, and I think we’re all glad of it. This show has been particularly draining for some reason.  We may also largely take the summer off and instead offer a middle school theatre camp. There would still be work, but College of Education students will handle the majority of it, and it will leave our weekends free.  Right now a break seems wonderful, but I’m sure that later I won’t know what to do with myself.

The project I’m primarily focusing right now, though, is a possible foray into freelance editing. I’ve been researching rates and marketing and creating a site.  I have edited in the past, of course – in my current job, as a writing tutor, as editor of a college journal, and as a favor to author friends – but this would be my first step into professional freelancing.  I may have already lined up a client, so I’m excited at the possibility of filling some of that extra free time this summer and gaining new experience.

I’m also pushing myself to work on the novel that’s in my head, and I’ve made some progress.  I think I’ll also prioritize that this summer and try to put together a solid draft. I have a couple of plays I’d like to attempt, too, one of which I want to co-author with my friend, director, and former professor of drama.

All in all, I think I have a solid plan for fulfilling my need to write.


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