Latin Readers

I spent some time working on the kids’ lesson plans for the summer, and now I’ve moved on to the fall.

For my daughter’s Latin course, I decided on the Cambridge Latin coursebooks, which include around 12 lessons each and have coordinating workbooks. I was able to get the first set used for great prices, so all set there.

My next issue was deciding on readers.  Unlike many languages that aren’t quite so dead, it’s a little difficult to find reading materials.  For living languages, I can just find a news site or something. Not so for Latin.

After scouring Amazon and doing some searching, I found a few things that seem like they could work.  One is a book: Aesop’s Fables in Latin by Laura Gibbs. Many of the books I found, like Wheelock’s Latin Reader, were designed to work with a different system.  I wanted something that was more independent (so it didn’t reference a book she didn’t have) and that would make her look up words she didn’t know.

I also found a web site (while randomly searching, interestingly enough) which turned out to also be by Laura Gibbs: Bestiaria Latina. Her blog has Latin lolcats, poems, stories, and other resources that I could use.  It seems like an amusing resource that makes the language feel a bit more modern.

Image via Bestiaria Latina

Image via Bestiaria Latina

I even went so far as to order a Latin crossword book from Amazon, which I thought could be fun for an off day.

It wasn’t necessarily easy to find what I was looking for, but it wasn’t difficult either.  I feel pretty confident that I have a solid Latin curriculum planned.

Of course, after all that, my daughter has decided that she’s probably going to take Italian instead.  Sigh. At least I already have resources for that one.

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