Review: Magnetic Notes for Storyboarding

A few weeks ago I posted about the digital tools I like to use for storing and organizing my ideas and research.  This week I found a product that kind of makes me want to drop the digital and go back to good old-fashioned physical organization.

I contributed to a Kickstarter project for something called Magnetic Notes by Tesla Amazing, and they just arrived.  I brought them in to the office today, and I’ve been so excited about them that I’m fairly certain at least one of my coworkers has revised his opinion about my sanity.

Magnetic Notes

These notes are made of a thin, recyclable plastic that uses a static charge to stick to just about any surface we’ve tried (though not to some plastics).  On many surfaces you can simply slide them to a new location, and on others you just peel them off and stick them to something else. My first thought: these would be fantastic for storyboarding. You can just write down your plot points and rearrange them as you please, and they lay flatter and move more easily than sticky notes.

Magnetic Notes

Stick them.

They lay pretty flat.

They lay pretty flat.

Peel them and restick them somewhere else.

Peel them and restick them somewhere else.

Now, the charge does wear off (maybe after 15 or so moves, in our experience, though I’m sure that varies) and your notes won’t stick after that.  You can partially restore the charge by rubbing them on your clothes (CLOTHES, Josh – not hair. You can keep that one.), which is enough to stick them to the wall again, though not quite as well as before. I currently have one of the medium notes stuck to my wall, and I’m going to leave it there to see how long it will stay put.

As a bonus, which I don’t know if they mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign (if they did, I missed it – I found it on the little instruction sheet that came with them), if you flip the note over, it can be used as a repositionable mini dry erase board.  How cool is that?!  It sticks just as well to the wall upside down, and it erases really cleanly.

Magnetic Notes

In fact, there are larger Magnetic Boards available, which are just dry erase boards made of the same material, I assume, and with the same static charge.

The only thing I will probably not be using these for is leaving notes inside my planner or other books.  I tried it, but when I closed the book the note was more likely to stick to the page facing the colored front side than the white back, so that when I reopened my book the note was on the wrong page and facing the wrong way.  If I turn the book over onto the page with the note, the same thing happens and the note ends up stuck upside down to the table. I don’t often stick notes in my planner, though, so it’s really not a problem to deal with that once in a while, or I can just use traditional sticky notes for that purpose.

I also noticed that it wouldn’t take much in the way of wind to blow these off the wall.  I don’t see it being an issue in the areas I’ll be using them, but it’s worth being aware of.

The negatives aren’t very problematic for me, so I’m really happy with these.  Over-excited, really, considering I felt the need to write a post about them. But they seem useful in a lot of ways, and, if you haven’t noticed already, I’m pretty easily amused.

Update: It’s been over 24 hours and my test note is still on the wall, so I think it’s going to stay there.  I can’t see any reason why its charge would weaken much over a moderate period of time if I’m not messing with it.

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