A Clash Between Pride and Jealousy

My husband is now a published author! I have to admit to some mixed feelings about this.  I am, of course, exceedingly proud of him.  But at the same time – who went to school for literature here? Perhaps I should go do some computer engineering! 😀

His short story, “Jörmungandr,” is included in an anthology of twists on Norse mythology called No Horns on These Helmets, which is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats and is also available for Nook.  Martha Burns at Tangent magazine reviewed several of the stories, and she wrote a great review of his:

“Jörmungandr” by Jeff Szappan is an inventive science fiction spin on Loki’s misdeeds that makes him a more morally complex figure than we usually get. Loki is a bioengineer who creates nanites with the best of intentions in mind. To echo the old tale, the nanites are known as “the Serpent” and they threaten to destroy everything. Loki once again turns to technology to save the day and just as in the usual story, he seems trapped by his plot, though here his efforts are to save us all. Casting Loki as a good-looking and frustrated do-gooder is the change here and it’s welcome, not only for its novelty, but for the insight. Villains aren’t merely those with bad intent. They can be good people who fail to think things through. Recommended.

Now I need to order a copy for our bookshelves. I look forward to reading the other stories that were included.

To my beloved: Congratulations, you jerk! And thanks for the motivation to get my own work out there.

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