Of a sort, anyway.

My capstone is completed, the presentation given, and at least part of the grade received.  I wrote a paper on the mythology of colonial narratives, based on the idea of Terry Pratchett, one of the authors of the novel I chose, that our lives are colored by the stories (idealized or not) that came before us in such a way that we, as a species do our best to repeat those stories or overlay them on current events — even if we need to tweak the actual circumstances in hindsight to make them fit.  It was a fun paper, and as I’d never really looked into Jungian psychoanalysis before, I learned a lot from sources like Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Veronica Shanoes, among others.  I also enjoyed re-reading post-colonial works by Edward Said, Homi K. Bhabha, Frantz Fanon, Guyatri Spivak, and many more.  In fact, I had a rough time paring down my sources.

It was a great experience to listen to the presentations of my peers and see what they had come up with, too.  There were several feminist pieces and a few more post-colonial papers, and one on semiotics, which I really need to look farther into.  It sounds perfect for me. My favorite, though, was a look at Islamic feminism by a friend and classmate who spent a lot of time at mosques and meeting people as one part of some impressively thorough research.  I hope to get my hands on that paper, and soon!

Now, with this degree goal finally met, I’m free to take a break before deciding my next move.  Free to read things that aren’t assigned to me, work on whatever project I choose, and write only for myself for a while.  And it feels fantastic!


Now, what to do with it….

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