It’s a Sad Morning for Fantasy Literature

I been crazy busy this last month and haven’t made time to post, but this news definitely requires a pause in my normal schedule.

Sir Terry Pratchett died this morning.  Here’s a link to the BBC article.

I’ve been reading his works since high school, and he really taught me a lot about satire and making a setting feel real through use of the familiar.  He was wonderful at creating entirely fantastical characters who were both humorous and real – often, humorous because they were real.  And I absolutely adored his sense of humor. I’m very glad that I decided to write my capstone project on one of his novels (in collaboration with another author).  It can now be something of a personal tribute to him.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to read his works, and, while I know he had been struggling with his health, I had greedily hoped to have a chance to read more of his work.  I hope his departure was peaceful and that his family is coping well.

If you haven’t read Sir Terry’s books, I highly recommend you try them.  They’re hilarious and insightful, and I’ve always found myself flying through them.  Watch for his innumerable references to real world people, events, and organizations; I’ve been reading his books for years and I’m still discovering new things.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites, including links to Amazon (these are not affiliate links – I don’t make any money from them):

But, of course, don’t limit yourself to these.  There’s a huge body of work available, and reading them in order isn’t strictly necessary.

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