It’s Capstone Time

It’s finally my last semester for this degree.  Moving from part time work to full time meant cutting back my school schedule to half time – or giving up working in the theatre, which was simply not an option I wanted to consider.

My university is, I’m told, one of the few that still requires capstone projects.  I’ll be working on that until mid-April, so if the next few months include a lot of posts about literary theory, there may just be a reason.

The spring theatre production is also starting.  We’ll be performing two one acts by Susan Glaspell and three by Eugene O’Neill as part of a collaboration with other groups on domestic violence awareness.  In addition to my duties as stage manager, I’ll be creating the program, writing a teacher’s guide, and editing a short ad for YouTube.

All this in addition to the writing I do for work, hopefully working on my Hungarian, and trying to talk myself into finally working on that novel.  It seems I’ll have plenty of language and writing endeavors to keep me going for the next few months.  What about you?

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